Mexican American Guidance Association

"Helping motivated students achieve a college education through locally-supported scholarships"

*The MAEGA Board of Directors meets virtually each month via zoom. Our Scholarship process is in full swing and all school liaisons have our 2021 Scholarship Application.

We are so very happy to report that 46 high school seniors will receive MAEGA scholarships, thanks to our loyal and committed donors. MAEGA will also award "renewal" scholarships to our 2020 MAEGA alumni. A big THANK YOU to all of our donors. We are grateful for your support.

You can support MAEGA by participating and Amazon will make a donation with every order. Remember to always start at to support MAEGA every time you shop.

Here are the steps:

  1. You start with
  2. Then you "Find your charitable organization". Please note that you must search for "Mexican-American Educational Guidance Foundation Inc".

I'm so thankful for the impact my previous scholarship has had this year, making it possible for me to start my educational journey at this leading institution I worked so hard to get into. Cal Poly, Slo Freshman

Attending college, being educated and becoming the first in my family to graduate college are major aspirations of mine...For this reason, having the pleasure of receiving a renewal for this upcoming school year would be such a blessing UC Merced Freshman

I see how proud my parents are of me and for having the courage of leaving home to become a better version of myself. Seeing how hard my parents work only motivates me to continue striving for my goals...My family isn't able to help me as much as they would like due to their income. This scholarship gave me the opportunity to help with my college expenses CSU, Sonoma Freshman

I am grateful that MAEGA was able to help me financially this past academic year, as well as help me feel better about going to a college away from home. With this scholarship, I will be able to grow my love for RIverside even more and work towards getting my degree in neuroscience. UC Riverside Freshman